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Second Chance Love
Women Of Digby, Book 1
by Jennifer Labelle

Secret Cravings Publishing

eBook ISBN: 9781618850133

Is it possible to find the love of your life when you’re eighteen? After returning to her hometown, Teegan Hallowell realizes she’s still in love with the man she left ten years ago, but it’ll take a disappearance, and some heroics for them to finally realize if they were meant to be.

Chapter One

“Oh shit!” She whispered in a panic, and threw him off of her. “Get under the bed, quick.” He did as she said, knowing they only had a second or they’d be caught.
Thankful her nightgown was still on, she threw the blankets on top of her and pretended to sleep restless. There had to be an explanation for her blasted headboard making noise. Too absorbed in the moment, they’d been careless of any consequence.
Her door creaked open and her mother peaked in. “Teeg?”
Teegan laid there pretending to sleep and exaggerated her movements as she purposely smacked the headboard, hoping that her mother would buy into her dramatic display, praying not to get caught. “Teegan, honey, are you all right?”
Her pulse beat faster as she felt the edge of the bed dip, and her mother wiped her hair from her forehead. “Teeg?”
“Mom?” She whispered trying to sound groggy as if she’d just woken up. Good Lord, please just leave, please just leave. “What are you doing here?”
“There were strange noises coming from in here that woke me up, and I thought I’d make sure everything was alright. You were very restless…”
“It must have been a nightmare.” Teegan gulped, after interrupting her. “I’ve been having a few of those lately. It must be the stress of starting college soon. You know leaving home and all that…”
“Well, you can always go to college somewhere closer to home.” Her mother’s mouth twitched fighting a smile. “And, of course we’ll always be here whenever you want to come home when you decide to leave us.”
Teegan looked around the room nervously trying to figure out how to wrap this up. Poor Liam was stuck under the bed. “Thanks mom, I have a bit of time to work through the jitters, but right now I think I’d like to get back to sleep.”
“Alright, baby.” Her mother stood and headed towards the door, stopping as she opened it, she spoke. “I love you, Teeg.”
“I love you too, Mom.”
The light from the hallway slowly dimmed, the door creaked shut, and she sighed in relief. “That was a close one. I must be a better actress than I thought.”
“Very close,” Liam whispered, laughing quietly to himself as he crawled out from beneath the bed. “But maybe I should just go.”
“Please don’t.” Teegan scooted towards the end of her bed to reach for him. “I’m not finished with you yet.”
“Really?” He smiled, and embraced her. “I think I like the sound of that, Ms. Hallowell, but the bed isn’t an option right now, so what do you propose we do?” He leaned forward to close the distance, and brushed his lips lightly over hers to tease her.
She nipped his bottom lip and then rolled her eyes. “Honestly, Liam, I’m pretty disappointed with you right now. You’re the one that’s supposed to be more experienced, yet I seem to have more imagination than you do right now.” She looked around the room noting several possibilities, and then watched as his eyes followed hers.
“Hmm, my little nympho, I believe you’re right, and I have to say I’m liking the Sex Goddess that I’ve created here.” He teased, making her laugh.
“Oh, shut up already.” She playfully shoved at him, as he lowered her to the ground. “I love you, Liam.”
Their lips parted and tongues met with an equal desire. Circling, tasting, and loving their moment as one. Her first love, oh how she missed it. Coming out of the memory, it made her wonder if Liam would still be there, and if he was single? She sighed looking out the window of the greyhound bus, destined to bring her home again.
She was determined to pick up the pieces in her life, to start fresh and never let anyone, especially Oliver, dictate how she lived anymore. Teegan was proud that she’d finally had enough courage to leave. Smiling to herself at the thought of his expression, and outrage when Oliver finally figured it out. She wasn’t turning back, had enough of his abuse, and sighed wanting to reminisce in old memories of the only love that meant anything to her, Liam.
* * * *
Spring 2001, ten years earlier
Her brother jumped at the sound of her voice. “Damn, Teeg, are you trying to give
me a heart attack?” He nudged her arm playfully, looking relieved that it was only her.
“Where you been?” Teegan asked. With James it was hard to say, but she’d guessed he was either back from sneaking around with his girlfriend, or out with his friends getting into mischief. “Geez, James, you should be more careful sneaking in and out of here. It could have been Mom or Dad coming down. They would’ve been pissed.”
“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes. “We’re eighteen, Teegan. Mom and Dad have to stop treating us like babies and realize that we’re old enough now to come and go as we please.”
“Come on, James. They’re not that bad.”
“Says the favorite to the black sheep.” He chuckled, and shook his head. “What the hell are you doing up so late anyway?”
“I was thirsty.” She shrugged and he followed her into the kitchen. “Sooo, you going to tell me where you’ve been or what?” She went in the fridge to grab some juice, and placed two glasses in front of them. Filling them, she took a sip.
She smiled, “I like her. Did you two have a good night?” She wiggled her brows, and then started to laugh.
“You’ll certainly never find out.”
“Oh, ew, James, I didn’t mean to imply I wanted details. That’s just gross, loser. I was only teasing you.”
He laughed at her. “It’s not like you’d know what I was talking about anyway, virgin.”
“And, you would know that how?” She challenged, hating how predictable her life was. James always read her like an open book. Despite their teasing, they were actually pretty close for step-siblings. Their parents married when they were seven, and it was history from there. They were the same age and hung out with a lot of the same people. Only Teegan was the book worm, followed the rules, and was the dependable one, while James had his own set of rules to abide by. Coming and going whenever he felt like it.
“You’d better be.”
“Oh spare me the bull, James.” She rolled her eyes, choosing to ignore that comment, or be pissed off. He had no right to judge, or dictate morality. He was right though, and it pissed her off. She was a virgin and her innocence drove her nuts sometimes. One of these days she vowed to get wild, but right then she’d settle for taking the subject off of herself. “So, do you do this often?”
“Sneak out.”
“Just the past couple of months. Sometimes Susan comes here, sometimes I go there.” He shrugged and downed the rest of his juice.
“I guess I hadn’t realized you two were that serious.”
“Not really, we’re just having fun. I mean don’t get me wrong I like her a lot, but we’re not considering marriage or anything.”
He shook his head. “That right there is one of the reasons I know you’re so innocent. Who’s busted now?”
He called her bluff, and she became defensive. “Ya well, it’s hard to lose your innocence when you have a brother that threatens everyone who’s tried to take it.”
“Hey, hey—” He reached across the table to hold her hand. “I’m only looking out for you, Teeg, I know what guys our age think about, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“I can take care of myself you know, and besides it’s not like anyone’s interested anyway.” She hadn’t had a date in months, and it was starting to affect her self-esteem.
“Oh, I know a few.”
“Really?” She perked up. “Who?”
“Goodnight, Teegan.” He smiled and slid his chair across the floor. She’d probably be up half the night guessing who it was, and knew he mentioned it on purpose.
“Oh, come on, James, just tell me.”
“Nope.” He walked away. “You’re attractive, Teegan, don’t ever doubt it. Being your brother isn’t easy sometimes, but the least I can do is keep you away from my degenerate friends.”
“Come on, James.”
“Nope,” he called, not bothering to look back as he made his way to his room. “Pleasant dreams, Sis.”
And she smiled remembering how much better she felt about herself that night. James always managed to know how to perk her up when she was down, and that moment had been the beginning of it all.

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Publisher’s Note: Midnight Howl, Who Let the Wolf Out, and Things that Go GRR have been previously released as single title novellas.

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When an accident ends his career, Dave Knight must face the ashes of his past and the woman he can’t forget. He’s a sizzling temptation Olivia Benedetti-Harper can’t afford, but breaking the rules with the wrong man might be the best mistake this good girl’s ever made for love.

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